Lush graphics is…

an agency that specializes in markets for writers, musicians and entertainers. We craft typography, hand-pulled posters and digital interfaces with artistry and finesse. See more info below on the specialties that might fit your needs for advertising and design.

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Print Design

Specialized printing is a time honored method of reaching out to key demographic. With over 20 years of printing for offest, silkscreen and letterpress, Lush Graphics has worked with large scale printing companies. We also print in house on letterpress and silk screen presses.

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Digital Design

Contemporary commercial art requires a deft touch combining print and digital media. Designs now must have a digital interface that respond to the user’s screen. We develop contact management sites and templates, author HTML, PHP and love the visual poetry of CSS.

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Reaching key demographics means targeting the correct people. Lush Graphics offers services for writing and editing content for maximum potential. We write headlines, edit copy and create content that gets attention.

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Custom Typography

Effective visual design is an effective way to communicate to your key demographic. The sue of colors and negative space help to organize content and make your marketing and advertising shine. Lush Graphics can also make custom type for print and digital design projects for maximum impact.